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Mrs. Scriba's Kindergarten

Welcome to Mrs. Scriba's Kindergarten!
I am one of three kindergarten teachers here at Komarek School.  Kindergarten is a very wonderful and exciting place to be.  I have been teaching at Komarek since 1990.  I have taught 2nd grade, 5th grade, and Kindergarten.  I love kindergarten! 
Kinders are so unique and special.  Everyday is new and exciting in Kindergarten.  We learn to read and write.  We learn math, science, and social studies.  Most of all we learn to be good students and good friends.  We celebrate being 5 and all the fun that comes with being 5.   
We achieve so much in Kindergarten!  Please visit and explore our Kindergarten world!
Thank you for all your support,
Jamie Scriba