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Ms. Michelle's Home Page

Preschool For All
Hello, I am Michelle Cole, known to preschoolers at Komarek as Ms. Michelle.
My passion for teaching preschool started when my daughter went to school for
the first time. She was so excited to learn! By the time my son was
ready to go, so was I. I said “Goodbye” to international logistics and “Hello” to
National Louis, where I obtained my Masters of Education in Early Childhood.
There, I additionally obtained my Special Education endorsement and later my
English Language Learner endorsement. In short, I officially became a lifelong
learner. Everyday is an adventure to learn something new!

Outside of Komarek, I have taught area Early Childhood Special Education and 
at Chicago Heights Preschool grant for University of Chicago. This research
explored the impact on preschoolers learning leading curriculum and/or with
supported parents. The curriculum was delivered only 4 years, but the longitudinal
study will span 21 years to understand the true affects on students. The research
impacted over a thousand children with their parents and teachers. It was incredible
learning experience and I am thrilled to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with the
Komarek community.