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Komarek School District 94

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Students in kindergarten through 5th grade...


Each week, students in kindergarten through 5th grade receive physical education daily, music twice a week, and STEM, art, and library once a week.  


Students in grade 6...


Students in grade 6 participate in a "wheel" of specials. This means that the specials are on a quarterly rotation basis. 6th graders will participate in health, Industrial Arts and Technologies (IAT), STEM, Spanish, and art. STEM, Spanish, and art are grouped together within one quarter. In addition to the wheel, 6th graders participate in physical education daily.


Students in grades 7 and 8...


Students in grades 7 and 8 elected their specials for the school year. Their specials are a semester in-length and also participate in physical education daily. Just like 6th grade, 7th and 8th graders can participate in Industrial Arts and Technologies (IAT), STEM, Spanish, and Art.


Band and Choir are also offered as extracurricular activities for students in 5-8 (band) and 6-8 (choir). Rehearsals are before or after the instructional school day depending on the ensemble. For more specific information on these offerings please visit Mr. Riegle’s choir page or Mr. Moffett’s band page on the Komarek School website.

Specials Staff Directory

Art (Grades K-8) - Ms. Johannah Tomita

Band - Mr. Dan Moffett

Choir - Mr. Phillip Riegle

Health - Mrs. Teresa Frey

Industrial Arts and Technologies (IAT) - Mr. Dan Kartje

Library- Mrs. Karen Doyle

Music- Mr. Dan Moffett, Mr. Phillip Riegle

Physical Education (Grades K-4)- Ms. Leslie Banas

Physical Education (Grades 4-8)- Mrs. Teresa Frey, Mr. Scott Miller

Spanish (Grade 6) - Ms. Mary Schmit
Spanish (Grades 7-8) - Ms. Danae Rodea