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Fishing Club

Hey Everyone!!!! This Year's Fishing Club Activities Have Already Begun!  We've Had Our February And Our March Meetings, And Have A Lot Of New Members, So Lets Continue To Learn The "How To's" Of Fishing, Nature, And The Environment.  We Have Tons Of Stuff To Find Out About!!!
Fishing Club Is A Great Time For All 7th And 8th Graders!!!!
Come Check It Out !!! 
As It Turns Out, Last Year's Outing Was A Total Blast (as usual)!  Scroll Down To See Some Of The Pics!
 Please remember to attend every meeting you can!!!  Don't miss any of the important information we might cover!!! 
We were just getting up and running ... but now, as you can see, we're beginning to build our site!  Here's a picture of last year's club (pictured below) ... and, we'll add a little more each day ... so come back to see what we've added to our page again soon!
Our club is made up of 7th and 8th grade students who share a common interest in both being together and enjoying the outdoors.  We get up early and meet twice a month and work on learning about the environment and the different fish species located in our area.  We also practice the skills necessary to be able to go fishing.  These are skills such as knot tying, casting, and baiting up our hooks.
The club culminates it's year by going on a field trip to Busse Woods each May.  There we set up our fishing poles and put the practice we got during the year at our meetings to work.  We've gone many times now, and always have fun catching fish.  We practice catch and release, Too.  So all the fish we catch go right back into the lake!  
So ... Miss Mizia took the picture of the this year's club a short while ago, and we posted it!  As you can see, the club has grown over the years.  Believe it or not, the year we started fishing club, we only had 14 members (Mr. C and I were surprised we had that many!!!).  Last year our roster had some 54 names on it, and this year's has even more!  Now that's some serious growth! 
Since our Superintendent, Dr. Ganan, became  co-sponsor, our club has grown, and become even more fun.  We welcome him and are glad that he has decided to spend time with us and help us with our meetings, and with our outings, too! 
And one last thing ... a big THANK YOU to everyone, that's EVERYONE, who has or will help us in whatever way no matter how large or small as we make our way through the school year.  We appreciate it!!!!

For Your Convenience, A Printable Copy Of Our 2018-2019 Schedule Is Available At The Bottom Of This Page 

Attention All Fishing Club Members!!!!
Our next meeting dates will be our May meetings.  They'll be held on Wednesday, May 1st and Thursday, May 2nd at 7:05 in the shop. Please listen during announcements for details.
Look at the pics from some past meetings (below), and much, much more!