Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now open.

Komarek School District 94

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Welcome to the Komarek Band Page!



For all band assignments please check Google classroom. If you have not yet done so here are the codes to join:


Concert Band Class code: 7vrk6ns

Cadet Band Class Code: t7yihmx

Beginning Band Class Code: ar32vhi


eLearning plans for Beginning, Cadet, and Concert Band students are posted every Monday in Google Classroom. Please check online each week for your weekly assignment. All assignments will be due by 2PM on the due date. Assignments will no longer be posted on this website as the addition of multiple tabs per week is beginning to clog up the site and it make it more difficult to find important information. As a reminder eLearning plans for all of your other subjects can be found online on the Komarek School website ( in the following location circled in red:


The Komarek Solo Contest scheduled for Saturday, April 18th is cancelled. Instead of coming in and performing for a music judge we have an alternate plan. Digital copies of your solo packets have been uploaded for everyone to access along with sound files of each solo (located in the tabs on the right side of this page). Students in Cadet and Concert Band are to select and work on ONE SOLO from your packet for your eLearning assignment for band. I will listen to each of you perform your solo when we return to school during normal class time. A sample of the score sheet I will use to evaluate your solo can be found on the tabs to the right. It is helpful to look at this form to see how you will be evaluated.
Beginning Band students do not have a solo packet to learn. Beginning Band students are encouraged to work ahead in their Essential Elements Band book. We stopped on page 13 when we were preparing for the Spring Band Concert, but since this concert will not be taking place please move ahead at your own pace.
You obviously need your band instrument to practice this material. If you have not yet done so please come to Komarek between the hours of 8AM and 10AM to pick it up (Monday thru Friday only, school closed on weekends).
I will not be teaching you in person, but you may reach out to me with any musical questions or general questions about this assignment by email Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9AM and 2PM. My email address is:
Please DO NOT try to contact me by other means about your assignment (including using classroom Dojo messaging or by calling the school phone number). I WILL NOT have access to my school voicemail and will not be logged into Class Dojo. But I will have immediate access to my Komarek email account.