Art Club (Grades 3-8th)


The Komarek Art Club will provide an avenue for students to exchange creative ideas, create imaginative artworks, and collaborate with other students to support art within our school. Throughout the quarter/s students will have the opportunity to create artworks and learn new techniques which may not be offered in regular Art class. Students will also have an opportunity to share projects that they have done at home with the rest of the group.

2016/2017 School Year:
3rd/4th Grade Art Club A combined 3rd & 4th Grade Art Club was held April 26th-May 17th. This was the first year 3rd Graders have the opportunity to join a club and we had a lot of fun! Students worked on several pieces throughout the month, including a Mothers Day gift.
Recycled Robots       
5th/6th Grade Art Club A combined 5th/6th Grade Art Club was held January 26th-February 23rd, 2017. Students worked on several personal pieces throughout the month.
7th-8th Grade Art Club (This session ran 1st and 2nd quarter during the Fall season)
A combined 7th/8th grade Art club ran Oct 5th-- Nov 16.  Students worked on a variety of projects throughout 1st & 2nd quarter. They created personal pieces as well as group projects. See pictures from this years & last years Jr. High Art Club below!