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Emergency Weather

Emergency Weather

Dear Parents,

We are heading into the time of year when the weather can be very unpredictable. We have put several plans in place to deal with the severe weather. If the weather turns bad and travel to school by staff is impaired, we may opt for a “Late Start” day. If it is judged that the weather is severe and dangerous for students and/or staff to travel to school, we may have to close school. Several scenarios are described below:

If staff absences due to illness exceed our ability to safely and adequately hold classes, the administration and School Board may opt to close the school for a period of time. We are being encouraged by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Cook County Department of Public Health to remain open as much as possible despite large numbers of student absences. We will be making efforts to sanitize the school building each evening.

Extremes in winter weather could be a reason to close school or have a “late start.” Since we do not bus the majority of students, the safety of the students and staff to and from school takes serious consideration when making this decision. Chicago area weather may be dreadful at the 7:30 am travel time and then be sunny and warm by mid morning. This makes the decision so difficult.

In the case of a school closing, parents need to know the following:
 - The Edulink notification system will be used to contact all school families. This system will send out a message via phone and/or e-mail. Always keep the school notified of any changes in your home or cell phone numbers and e-mail.
 - Parents should check the school website at www.komarekschool.org. A banner will appear on the main page announcing the school closing.
 -  The school will contact the Emergency Closing Center which will broadcast the announcement on TV and radio. Channels 2, 5, 7, 9, and Fox, as well as WGN and WBBM radio will have the message. It will also be on the web sites for these stations. Look for Komarek District 94 or Cook County District 94.

If we decide to have a “LATE START” day, the schedule below will be used. The school day will begin at 9:10 am instead of the usual 8:20 am. This will allow staff more time to safely drive to school. Before and After Care will begin at 7:30 am instead of 6:30 am. ALL THE SAME NOTIFICATION SYSTEMS USED WITH A SCHOOL CLOSING WILL APPLY. The Late Start Schedule is as follows:

9:10 am: Students allowed to enter the school building.
9:15 am Classes begin
12:21 – 12:51 Primary Lunch & Enrichment (Kindergarten, Grades 1 - 3)
12:53 – 1:23 Intermediate/Jr. High Lunch & Enrichment (Grades 4 – 8)
3:15 pm Student Dismissal

9:15 – 11:30 am Pre School Session #1
12:45 – 3:00 pm Pre School Session #2

Before and After Care Hours: 7:30 – 9:10 am & 3:15 – 6:00 pm
Please develop a contingency plan to prepare for these changes.

If you do not get a phone call from school, if there is no notice on the internet, and if the TV and radio do not announce we are closed, then SCHOOL WILL BE OPEN AS USUAL. Please avoid calling school unless it is absolutely necessary.

Our goal is to keep school open but our first priority is the safety of our students and staff. Any school closing days must be made up during the school year or added to the end of the school calendar. Late Start days count as regular attendance days.

Please keep this letter somewhere handy as a reference during the school year. Contact either school office if you have any questions.


Dr. Brian Ganan