A message from our Board of Education...

As a District, we stand united with our students and families of color. We understand that standing in solidarity with students and families of color requires us to consistently reassess our system of supports to ensure they are free from injustice and racism and provide equitable opportunities and practices for all students.


This past year, we began a long-range commitment to looking at all aspects of our system via an equity lens. In year one (2019-2020), district administrators, social workers, and a few teachers participated in a full year of equity training via the Great Lakes Equity Center out of Indiana University-Purdue University‚Äč Indianapolis (IUPUI). Next school year, all staff and a group of parent stakeholders will join this training led by an Equity Strategic Plan developed by our leadership team via Cynthia Mruczek of the Equity Assistance Center. Once this Equity Strategic plan has been vetted by staff and other community members, it will guide all of our continuous improvement efforts. If interested, we have posted a PowerPoint presentation about this Equity Work on our website. This presentation was intended to be shared at a Board Meeting (prior to Covid-19).


In closing, Komarek School District 94 has always been committed to providing a high-level, equitable educational and social/emotional experience for all students. Our teachers and staff have our students best interests in mind and work tremendously hard to support and encourage our students. Our recent partnership this fall with the Great Lakes Equity Center will the provide support we need to ensure that our efforts are always focused on listening, learning and adjusting o the needs for all children. Your support and participation in this work is just as essential. Please keep an eye out for opportunities to participate in this critical work.


With Support and Gratitude,


The Komarek Board of Education