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Komarek Band Page » Welcome to the Komarek Band Page!

Welcome to the Komarek Band Page!

Welcome to the Komarek Band Page! If you stopped by to find out more information about the Komarek Band program you've come to the right place! Please click on the tab to the right that matches the ensemble/ensembles you are involved in. And if you are not involved in any ensembles... WHY NOT? If you are in the fifth grade or higher what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to try a band instrument! Joining is easy, just click on the sign up form below, print and fill out, and return to Mr. Moffett at school.


If you are on the fence or aren't sure band is for you, just consider some of the benefits that learning a musical instrument can have on you. Studies show that music helps boost achievement levels across the board in the rest of your academic subjects. Just listening to music has been shown to benefit people both young and old, but those benefits are greatly increased in individuals who learn to play a musical instrument. Click on the links below to read about some of the ways studying and performing music are believed to benefit us and engage our brains in a very positive way. And take a minute to watch the TED Ed video that accompanies the first link (the video can also be found in the "Videos" tab on the right).


How Playing An Instrument Might Actually Make You Smarter


Eleven Health Benefits Believed to be Associated with Music


Besides all of these benefits, music is FUN! It is an activity that you can enjoy and engage in for the rest of your life. For many individuals it is an outlet to express yourself and release energy in a creative and exciting way. And it is a great way to make new friends and meet new people you otherwise might not get to know. Many of the people who are important in my life I would have never met had it not been for music. The majority of the friendships I made in junior high, high school, and college that are lasting and still going strong 20 plus years later were all formed around a common theme: music. My wife is in fact a fellow musician and music teacher whom I met freshman year of college while attending my first music class on the campus of the University of Illinois. Had it not been for music we would never had met and my life would look very different!



So stop sitting on the sidelines and give band a try. I'm glad I did!



Mr. Moffett

Komarek Band Director